Analysts Estimate Tongzhou Buying Restrictions Will Affect 80 pc of Sales

iFeng: 通州限购升级购房人连夜网签 影响80%成交
"This policy efforts is very large," chief Centaline analyst Dawei told reporters, in order to look residential transactions in August 2015 after the upgrade purchase, Beijing Tongzhou residential transactions from the previous monthly 1000-2000 sets down to 500 sets up and down, down by half. Upgraded version of the Tongzhou business-type apartment and commercial office projects restriction, because they require companies to buy, will affect at least 60% -80% of the turnover.

Dawei said that the current overall stock market Tongzhou less and less land supply in recent years, the overall look, not to suppress the price of the project too risky. But significantly lower volume, will inhibit the possibility of rapidly rising prices.
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