China to Tax Grass and Water

Hebei is taking the lead on taxing wood, water and grassland.

Trend: China to boost resource tax reform
Resource tax will be levied on most mineral products based on price instead of quantity, said a statement jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation.

Since 2010, China has experimented with taxes based on price instead of quantity in six mineral products: coal, gas, molybdenum, oil, rare earth and tungsten.

A pilot on water resource taxation in north China's Hebei Province is expected to expand to wood, pasture and tidal flat in the future.
iFeng: 财政部:7月起实施资源税从价计征
Tax on water, notice of the decision, the first pilot to carry water tax in Hebei Province. Hebei water tax levy pilot work, take water resources tax reform approach, surface water and groundwater will be included in the scope of taxation, to introduce a flat levied from the amount of the high water consumption industries , ultra-planned water and take in the Groundwater Overdraft Area with groundwater, appropriately increasing the tax standard, the normal production and living water to maintain the existing burden unchanged.

Water tax levied to promote water conservation and environmental protection.

The World Bank recently released "High Temperature and Drought: Climate change, water and the economy," the report warns of global freshwater resources and reduce competition from other uses such as energy and agriculture, 2050 available water may make the city less than in 2015 two-thirds.

At present, China's total fresh water resources of 2.8 trillion cubic meters, accounting for 6% of global water resources, after Brazil, Russia and Canada, ranking fourth in the world, but per capita is only 2200 cubic meters, only the world average of 1 / 4, 1/5 of the United States, the world's water resources are one of the 13 people most poor countries; in addition, the amount of surface water resources in China only 32% of the water as the basic ecological water, can not effectively control and use of flood accounts 40% of available water resources accounts for only 28%.

On this background, will be fully integrated into water resource tax levy is imperative.

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