Chinese Media Calls Out Bass on China Short, Calls Him Desperate

This was a headline article in the finance section today.

Sure enough, in December 2007, a wave of defaults mortgage swept the nation. 2008 interview with Bloomberg News, Bass greatly acknowledged a small fortune in this wave of defaults, and while he did was "with subprime creditors to gamble."

In this gamble, and he won the bet. By shorting subprime, he earned a full $ 5.9 billion. In 2009 the outbreak of the debt crisis in Europe, he again predicted success.

Today, he will initiate a gamble, but the opponent into the Chinese renminbi and the government.

The problem is that this time he can continue the good luck in the past it?
The article discusses Bass' correct call in 2008, then goes through the yuan trading in January, when the government and officials stepped in to defend the currency, and goes on to warn Bass:
Needless to say, the central bank is sitting on $ 3.33 trillion in foreign exchange reserves . The huge foreign exchange reserves has long been a lot of foreign media as "financial nuclear bomb." This statement is quite certain extent the truth - with a nuclear bomb similar to the huge foreign exchange reserves is more a deterrent - of course, is based on the subsequent: China 's foreign reserve is sufficient to ensure that the giant stature, not there may be any one investment bank and the central bank have the ability to make opponents disc.

A series of warning official media forces, Bass did you hear it?
It concludes by pointing out Bass' fund returns haven't been great since 2008 and warning again:
It is understood that Hyman Bass mastered the subprime crisis in the capital to earn 212% of the excess return on investment, the subsequent performance is unsatisfactory: 8 years the average annual income of the fund is only 1.56%. Short's focus on debt and Japan's global macro funds had one-month decline to 32% of the fund in April 2012 after two years of creation reached its lowest point, the net value of more than 60% has evaporated. This time betting the yuan short, Bass move somewhat "desperate" means.

Today, the Chinese domestic public opinion has already been prepared in excess to resits the bears, Bass did you hear it?
iFeng: 带头做空人民币的人认错:我要跟唱空中国的人划清界限

The propaganda organ doth protest too much.

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