Dolar Today Survives Lawsuit

Miami Herald: Venezuela loses fresh attempt to gag website in U.S. courts
The U.S. District Court of Delaware this week dismissed “with prejudice” an amended suit by the Central Bank of Venezuela, which alleged that DolarToday was undermining the economy and helping fuel Venezuela’s record-breaking inflation.

DolarToday, which is registered in Delaware and run by three Venezuelan exiles, publishes the bolivar-dollar exchange rate that’s being offered in the Colombian border town of Cúcuta, Colombia.

But Venezuela claims the site is undermining the currency with fake rates. In its lawsuit, it called DolarToday an “illegal conspiracy to manipulate the value of Venezuela’s currency by widely publicizing false and misleading information about it.” It has also referred to the site as an act of “cyber-terrorism.”
The black market dollar-bolivar exchange rate is down from where it was in March...

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