Football Forum in Shanghai Aims to Grow Sport in China

2016 Chinese Football Forum will be held in Shanghai grand May 26. By then, the English Premier League as well as representatives of Liverpool, Chelsea, Norwich City, Southampton and other four Premier League football club will be invited to participate. Followed by 1 June 2016 the International Conference of the football industry will be held in Shanghai, this will be an international football the world's only industry conference covering the whole industry chain of football, football is Asia's only all-industry business conference.

Thirteen Five period, China's sports development will enter a crucial period of reform. At present, the overall goal of reform and innovation in sports and sports power construction still incompatible, mechanism Sports and coordinated economic and social development needs to be further improved. Related plan, by 2020, strive to push the proportion of value added services sports to more than 30%, increase sports consumption to more than 2.5 percent of per capita disposable income. Brokerage analysts said that with the league to open themselves virtuous cycle of social attention for Chinese football improve, from the professional event to event basis, the commercial value is expected gradually.
Investors are looking for ways to profit:
Ping An Securities said that since 2015, China's football industry of reform and large outlet, into goal of the reform is to bid to host the World Cup, electric foot in the World Cup, the Olympic games. In accordance with the international sports industry accounted for 40% of the estimated football, Chinese football 2025 industry will more than 2 trillion yuan, a huge industry growth.
If you are interested in some plays:
Alto Electronics (002 587): The company recently signed with the China Football Association China Team LED service provider agreement in exchange for a way to get the stadium advertising rights, and actively explore the sports marketing business.

Lehman shares (300162): Super stadium advertising rights, involvement in a club business development, the Portuguese league title and enter the domestic training young players.

Hualu Baina (300 291): 2015 buyout China Team, Super League, FA Cup sponsor related interests, to benefit from the commercial value of Chinese football tournament promotion.

Michihiro shares (600 136): the establishment of "the world football industry alliance" roots football overseas resources.

Rhine Sports (000 558): Zhejiang Women project.

Interactive Entertainment (300 043): the acquisition of the Spanish La Liga club.
I looked up 600136. Here is the company's business description:
WUHAN DDMC CULTURE CO.,LTD, formerly Wuhan Double Co., Ltd, is principally engaged in the sports business and televsion dramas business. The Company is also involved in trading of phosphate ores, leasing, operation and management of student apartments, as well as the real estate development and commercial residential building agent distribution.

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