Nanjing Has a New Land King, But Price Deemed Irrational

Nanjing has a new land king after a land sale of 3.28 billion works out to 45,213 yuan per square meter. The average price of existing homes in Nanjing was 26,400 yuan/sqm in April, and new homes sold for 16,500 yuan/sqm on average, according to CREIS data.

Nanjing land market madness, its current lack of property stocks have a certain relationship. According to statistics, the Nanjing housing stock has slipped to 26,500 units, based on the first four months of sales this year, inventory will last just two months. "Out of the imbalance between supply and demand and the need to cover short positions, under heavily gamble Nanjing property developers tomorrow." Insiders said.

"Rational data has been unable to explain the property market in Nanjing crazy." E-House (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. Executive CEO Dingzu Yu issued a sigh. Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities in the purchase of capital regulation, was "hold down" the rush Nanjing, Suzhou , Hefei and other second-tier cities, some analysts believe that prices of some second-tier cities to bear the presence of the ceiling, so that part of the pre-hot deal needs to be ahead of overdraft "How many do not want to sell the market price are willing to buy, if the subsequent cooling Nanjing market, these high-priced items will face greater risk."

iFeng: 南京土地市场再出地王 理性数据已无法解释

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