Second Tier Land Sales, Prices Soar; Home Sales in First Tier Halved

Walltreet.cn: 4月二线城市地价暴涨 沪深楼市成交量“腰斩”
According to the China Securities Network reported , in April almost no first-tier cities land auction only Shanghai into a relocation and resettlement land at the opening price. Volume land mainly in second-tier cities, accounting for up to 80%. Second-tier cities in April turnover operating land 24.22 million square meters, increased 10.7% m/m, an increase of 41.7% y/y; the land transfer is up to 113.56 billion yuan, an increase of 280.4% y/y, increased 38.4% m/m, land prices skyrocketing.

Among them, Hefei, Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou four most prominent cities, the average premium rate of land transactions in excess of 100%.

...From the property market turnover, the more obvious the effect of the New Deal real estate, the Shanghai property market turnover cut, but house prices still carry the dead. Interface May 4 reported , E-House Research Institute think tank Center recently released report shows that "3.25" New Deal A month later, the volume of Shenzhen chain fell rapidly, down 57%; Shanghai turnover decreased by 52 %.

Similarly, the price is also generally in decline. But with the performance of different volume, the average transaction price in Shenzhen before the New Deal was down only 1 percent, while Shanghai average transaction price decreased by 6%.

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