Social Security Ready to Enter A-Share Market, Govt Posts Job Openings

The government is working towards the investment of social security funds with job openings posted:
according to the National Social Security Fund Council, the official website of 2016 years of open recruitment is already underway, the recruitment announcement relates to pensions and pension accounting management unit, of which pension management unit set up two jobs positions, respectively, asset allocation and investment research Kong Kong, the number of recruits were 1 and 2. The pension accounting unit, with three posts for recruitment, financial operations, respectively Kong, accounting post and hosting services Kong, the number of recruits are three positions 1, with two pension-related sector recruitment, plus hiring up to six people, more than the number of jobs in other sectors.

The initial investment may be 600 billion yuan.
arlier, Human Resources and Social Ministry spokesman Li Zhong has announced will start the implementation of the basic pension insurance fund investment operations in 2016. Scale of, many market view is simply understood as the 2 trillion market funds, in fact, the last market funds estimated about 600 billion.

Scaling upper limit in accordance with the provisions of the national social security fund, equity investment assets (mainly shares) the highest proportion of not more than 30%, according to the National Social Security Fund estimated that about 2 trillion, after a comprehensive social security funds into the market place, will bring up to 6000 billion in incremental funding.

Guotai Junan macroeconomic analyst Ren Zeping id more conservative, he believes that if the insurance company according to the average equity of 10%, pension funds 20% to estimate the expected actual market funds 15% so, that is 300 billion yuan, and will be entered in batches.
iFeng:养老金管理部浮出水面 最多将带来6000亿增量资金

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