Suzhou Suddenly Cancels Land Sale

Recently a Suzhou Developer Slashes Prices, Buyers Hesitate. Moments ago, the city of Suzhou temporarily cancelled a land sale. Instead of weakening conditions, however, the reason for the delay is said to be imminent buying restrictions designed to cool the market.
According to media reports, Suzhou City Land Resources Bureau May 17 hang out, "Suzhou city state-owned construction land use right transfer listed online using the announcement," said the council on April 20 listed five plots, since the planning and optimization reasons, the municipal government put the transfer on hold. Five have three plots located in Suzhou region, a city located in phase, a high-tech zones.

Just to get to a Suzhou housing prices related sources, understand the latest situation is that Suzhou about to launch control policies, involving the purchase .

Suzhou Municipal Government held on the afternoon of May 17 regular meeting, the theme is to stabilize the real estate work, the Conference adopted the purchase program, to be published on May 23, 24, 2011 execution. The main content is that buyers must meet to pay more than a year of social security, personal income tax to pay for more than 2 years, the introduction of mandatory buy another residence one year and so on, to prevent real estate and pay social security.

It was informed that multi-confirmation, Suzhou Municipal Government intends to housing prices to get down to the idea, otherwise the market continued mad, most housing prices and no chance to get to. After the above suspension of transfer of land, it is possible and other policies, the market has cooled before re-launched.

iFeng: 苏州突然撤销5幅土地出让拟推出限购政策

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