What Is China's Film Industry Lacking?

Several areas are touched upon, but the #1 reason is the conclusion: no focus on the international market. Many American films fail to even recover their budget at home, but foreign box office and later sales of DVDs and streaming bring in profit. China's lack of IP protection saps those later markets, and China also produces few movies that target global audiences.

Chinese film demands of globalization, to learn systematic, industrialization, specialization, in fact, just now is the best time. Because growth and price growth in the US film was essentially flat, relatively can be regarded as a "zero growth", so they must have entered the Chinese demand. But if it is not to enter the Chinese co-productions a year to the amount of 20, so this is the best time both sides what they want. From now, the co-production is the only channel for the two sides can open up the market, you have me, I have you, joint investment, operation, and if not, made films shot by the foreign distribution is not very realistic - from in terms of quality cinema and American cinema can differ greatly. Even the $ 60 million domestic films in the United States is the film medium, the real blockbuster film is 2,3 billion dollars. But $ 200 million cost in the United States can not be recovered, must rely on the global market, there is no global market, the United States will be hard-pressed to six. Therefore, the Chinese film to break the bottleneck of Chinese-made films, do not shoot the international blockbuster, do not send the global market will soon be saturated, it is not conducive to the development of the film industry.
EO: 中国电影产业缺什么?

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