Yangtze River Delta Development Plan Gets Bigger

iFeng: 发改委人士:长三角城市群发展规划有两大变化
One of the changes is that the regional scope may change, there will be a larger area to join.

Yangtze River Delta region is an economic concept, and also the concept of administrative divisions, the scope delineated in the end where there has been controversy.

It originated in the Yangtze River Delta cooperation joint conference system for 15 cities in Yangtze River Delta economic cooperation Office Director established in 1992, in 1997 the city was upgraded to the Yangtze River Delta Economic Coordination Council. Thereafter, the Yangtze Delta economic coordination will be repeated expansion, in 2003, Taizhou City, was admitted as a full member. 2010 Hefei, Yancheng, Ma On Shan, Jinhua, Huai'an, Quzhou and other six cities "finalists." 2013 Xuzhou, Wuhu, Chuzhou, Huainan, Lishui, Wenzhou, Suqian, Lianyungang and other eight cities included, members of the city has so far expanded to 30.

...The second change, it should be with the international and domestic environment, such as "along the way" promotion, the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt of the Yangtze River Delta regional planning also occurs relatively large changes.

"For example, the Yangtze River Delta had more talking about the development, but the Yangtze River Economic Belt will be emphasized environmental protection, not to engage in more developed, such as the downstream Yangtze River Delta, the functional needs and also upstream, midstream form a linkage, we need to Yangtze River Delta features to make some adjustments. "MAO said.

...Nanjing Professor of Economics at the University Liu Zhibiao told reporters that the Yangtze River Delta factor mobility indeed accelerated, but the government level to promote the integration to be strengthened. It is recommended that a unified cooperative idea while starting or from specific projects, so that the country can see the benefits, only more motivated. "For example, new energy automobiles , the Yangtze River Delta interior can cooperate, unified charging stations standard layout and size, we need to hold many charge stations, we do it with a plan."

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