Beijing New Era: Existing Home Sales 6X New

Overall, second-hand housing market, housing turnover accounted for as high as 86.2%, compared with the past few years has been around 70%, the Beijing property market has entered the era of second-hand housing. The industry believes that the future of this market will continue to show a sharp decline in new housing high-end comprehensive factors such as land supply indicates that the future long-term second-hand housing transaction will be the main market, and just need to improve the demand to invest in second homes, to invest in high demand audience differentiation of new homes will become increasingly evident, while second-hand housing transaction tax, credit policy will determine the market volatility.

...While in 2016 just more than half, but second-hand housing market position in the protagonist has become increasingly strong. Centaline Property Research Department statistics show that: As of May 31, Beijing year existing home sales 121,768 versus 19,485 new homes, overall, the second-hand housing market share of residential turnover ratio as high as 86.2%, entered a stock of residential Times . While the proportion in the past few years has been up and down at 70%.

...Ya Ho agency Marketing Director Guo Yi said that from the housing stock characteristics, the current six ring outside the main stock has become over the area between fifty-six ring. According to Ya Ho Jun Yue Statistical data show that as of now, six-ring outer housing stock accounted for up to 40.35%, ranking first in the loop, the proportion compared to the same period last year increased by 4 percentage points. With the Beijing land prices continue to rise for the price fueled increasing pressure, Beijing new home market turnover low, low supply, low inventories, high prices "three low and one high" trend will continue, the new home market will completely become the pursuit of high-end customer base housing demand for upgrading the quality of products, and just need to improve the audience can only choose second-hand housing or apartment in order to find the total amount expected to meet their own products.

In this context, the main position of the secondary housing market will be more highlighted because just need to improve and remains the main source of demand in this market. They were squeezed into a large number of second-hand housing market, second-hand housing turnover will naturally continue far beyond new houses.

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