Beijing's 9000 KM Water Mains Are Leaking 5 Yrs of Water Annually

Unclear property rights leads to neglected and dilapidated water infrastructure.

Mr. Chen's district is located in Changping District, a high-end residential projects, because water pipe material failure, resulting in occupancy after six years appears running water, leakage, gradually replaced by a property company out of more than a dozen root pipe, some pipe breakage is as large as two fingers.

"Our preliminary estimate, annual missed the water at least 10 million metric tons, Beijing already dry, but more than a decade has not been completely resolved." According to Chen Sheng introduced over the years, cell industry, the Commission had numerous experiences of finding Beijing Waterworks Group for repair or replacement pipeline, but the pipeline property wasn't transferred to the Government so refused.

In fact, the whole Beijing aging water pipe network situation is more serious. According to the Beijing Waterworks Group sources, more than 9000 km of water pipe network in Beijing, the average age of over 19 years, more than 2700 km pipeline has reached the limits of its use.

National water pipe network same is not optimistic. According to professional organizations E20 platform environment to data released by China's urban water supply pipe network leakage rate of 17.92%, far more than most countries in the international value of less than 10%, the annual leakage amount of over 10 billion cubic meters, equivalent to five years of water use in Beijing.

Chinese Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, an unnamed source said, the water pipe network is owned by the state, but generally the use of units are institutions or enterprises, "does not benefit the investment, the investment does not benefit, resulting in a lot of places damaged municipal pipeline network serious, service can not keep up."

...According to the Beijing Waterworks Group stakeholders, the 9000 km Beijing urban water supply networks, the average age of nearly 20 years, there are 3500 km service life of 25 to 40 years, of which 2700 km are still serious problems, coupled with the pipeline and various other materials reasons, resulting in waste water situation is more serious.
The leaky pipes are completely offsetting water savings efforts, and then some:
"Through technology, Beijing - saving 78 million cubic meters per year, equivalent to 780,000 people a year in water supply, waste water and the actual situation may be more striking," said association official said to disclose the specific circumstances, "Beijing water Group data more authoritative and more specific. "

Beijing Water Company did not provide relevant data, the aforementioned property said, "Every year the amount of water and collecting water fees are clear, the leakage amount can easily be calculated, but the data is certainly not announced."

However, some of the data side leakage can also reflect the situation for some time.

In Beijing Waterworks Group official website, the only annual financial data: total annual water supply Beijing Waterworks Group 2012 was 10.1736 million cubic meters, the total sales of water 8.3092 million cubic meters.

This calculation, the Beijing Waterworks Group leakage rate of 18.33% of the water supply system, higher than the national average, the amount of leakage of 1.8644 billion cubic meters. According to Beijing per capita supply of 100 cubic meters per year of recognized figures, the amount of leakage in 2012 to meet the Beijing 1.86 million people a year with water.
The situation might be worse in other parts of China, since as long as there's no noticeable pipe burst, the leaks could grow unnoticed over time.
Water Supply and Drainage Association, who said China town, said the domestic water supply pipe leakage may be far this serious situation, "it is mostly invisible leakage, leaking underground pipe network, as long as the pipe burst phenomenon does not occur, the outside is generally difficult to find, a small part of the cities, may be more than 70%."
Substandard materials are one cause:
The reason why the aforementioned Chan district where built less than eight years appears leaks, to a certain extent from the use of substandard materials. From broken down the pipe replacement difficult to find, use ordinary water pipe is the pipe, and no anti-corrosion coating, leading to premature corrosion damage, reduced service life.

Once the water pipe problems, in the end who is going to repair? The country in different cities the situation is not the same, some inner city district water pipe network by the developer and the construction side open investment and construction, when completed, the developers handed over to the local government, 5-year warranty period, the construction unit responsible for the maintenance, after five years by the local water company responsible for the maintenance.
The problem comes down to property rights:
"One of the main criteria to judge is to see who is going to collect water rate, if it is the collection of property companies, property companies and the maintenance responsibility of all owners. If we collected directly, the latter to be responsible for maintenance and reconstruction of us certainly." A Beijing Waterworks Group the person said.
EO: 触目惊心!北京9000公里自来水管网近两成漏水,钱都去哪儿了?

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