Brexit Vote Narrows

Update: ‘Leave’ Camp Leads in Brexit Battle as Major Turns Fire on Boris
Campaigners to get Britain out of the European Union have moved into the lead, according to a YouGov poll that increases the pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron with less than three weeks until the referendum.
The poll for ITV’s Good Morning Britain program on Monday puts ‘Leave’ voters at 45 percent, and ‘Remain’ at 41 percent, with 11 percent undecided, according to an e-mailed statement. Similar surveys in May and April showed the ‘Remain’ camp leading.

Guardian: Poll gives Brexit campaign lead of three percentage points

The latest Opinium poll shows Remain in the lead, but with a narrowing vote. With a large number of undecideds, the nudge data is the key to the race:
However, Opinium said a move to leave had also been reflected in answers to their so-called “nudge” question, which asks those who do not yet know how they will vote in what direction they are leaning. In the last Opinium survey two weeks ago, those split 55% leaning to remain and 32% leaning towards leave.

In the latest survey, the gap has narrowed dramatically, with 36% leaning towards remain and 33% towards leave, even when the methodological updates were implemented. When those who did not know were forced to choose, 47% said they leaned more towards remain, while 32% leaned more towards leave.
Meanwhile the Czech Prime Minister discussed the knock on effects of Brexit.

Reuters: Czech PM: Brexit would boost separatists, nationalists in Europe
A British vote to leave the European Union would give a boost to separatist and nationalistic forces across the bloc, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said on Friday.

ISIS attack plans become more relevant as a vote approaches: Islamic State Threatens Terror Attacks in U.S., Europe
DM: ISIS plot to target England fans at Euro 2016 using suicide bombers and drones discovered on laptop of Paris and Brussels attacks mastermind

The terrorists remain clueless as to how their actions impact Western policy.

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