Halt! Beijing Real Estate Transactions Stopped, Buying Restrictions Imminent; Govt: It's A Lie!

A rumor quickly spread in Beijing yesterday, that Beijing would halt the sale of commercial housing as of midnight June 15. This is typical ahead of a new policy launch and new buying restrictions are widely expected. Restrictions recently launched in Tongzhou crushed sales: Tongzhou Buying Restrictions Kill Market, Sales Drop 99%. Developers pushed buyers to quickly transact in order to get in before the freeze, but the Beijing Municipal Government put out a statement denying there would be a freeze.

EO: 北京开发商:商住网签0:00有望停签
the Economic Observer Online reporter was informed by several developers: Beijing commercial and residential projects have been stopped net signed, following Mentougou, Daxing District, residential net signed after stop, at 0:00 on June 15, the Beijing all residential net signed projects in the region are net stop sign.

In other words, Chaoyang, Haidian, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Fengtai District and other regions will be full cessation of net signed, in the purchase of commercial time countdown, commercial and residential disc all sales employees are invited to check the customer network sprint final moments. "Our project is the company received a notice to stop the full commercial network to sign tonight, tomorrow (6.15) Beijing all 40 years, 50 years land rights of commercial and residential property projects, formal restriction." East Fifth Ring of a residential project next to the sales staff said, At present the company to take urgent measures sales, amounting to 3 million homes, 10 million in cash to pay now to sign up, and then pay the remaining post-housing fund.

People's Daily: 北京市住建委:全面暂停商住房网签不实
Beijing will be a full cessation of commercial housing net signed" message, Beijing Municipal Construction Committee person in charge of the evening of 14, said the news was not true.

Recently, rumors that Beijing would conduct a comprehensive commercial housing purchase, triggering a round of commercial housing "wave of panic buying." Some developers also gives Beijing suspended network to sign schedule. Developers have had to come to consult the customer send text messages called "just received the notice in Beijing from June 15 to stop residential net signed, beginning July 1 restriction, that is to say after the purchase money can not buy a house . "

It is understood that Beijing market commercial and residential projects, either new supply or turnover accounted for increasingly high proportion of the city's real estate. Official said, commercial housing transactions become increasingly popular, but also attracted the attention of the relevant departments.

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