Home Price Explosion in Second-Tier Possible, Only 3 Months Inventory Remains

China's ping pong housing policy strikes again. The money rolling into second-tier cities could meet tight supply and spark a surge in prices in coming months, which will be followed by restrictions that set off the next cooling wave...

The reason why second-tier cities housing prices rose so much, because of rising land prices driving the rise in house prices. According to China Economic Net reporter, as of May 15, including four first-tier cities and second-tier cities of Nanjing and other hot city a total of 21, in 2016 a total of 110 land have had a king, mad rush to beat the market makes the soil, frequently more than 100% or even 400% of the premium rate appears. To the end of this month, Hangzhou is the thunder from the ground, on the 27th a Lot to 12.318 billion yuan turnover, not only became the first case of Hangzhou history ten billion to the king, but also created the highest price across the country since 2016.

In the second-tier cities, the most notable was undoubtedly the Yangtze River Delta cities, according to China Economic Net reporter understood that the "May the national residential land total turnover of the top ten" list, the Yangtze River Delta region monopolize nine seats. Among them, the total price of Nanjing, Hangzhou has refreshed the country to the king during the year. Hospital data show middle finger, "May the national total turnover of residential land in the top ten" list, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou were sold for 12.32 billion yuan, 8.8 billion yuan, 5.52 billion yuan in the top three. Can be seen in the ranks among the top in the land deal, a higher premium rate has become "standard." Land in the top ten, ranked eighth Wuhan removed, the remaining Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, are the Yangtze River Delta cities. Among them, Nanjing, but there is a four plots ENTRY.

Focus on second-tier cities inventory worry, only 2-3 months supply

According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, as of late April, the national real estate for sale area of ​​726.90 million square meters, reduced by 8.26 million square meters from the end of March. On specific cities, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei and some other second-tier cities have a serious shortage of inventory. The majority of third- and fourth-tier cities are still destocking and difficult areas. Specific cities, of the 35 cities, eight have rising inventory, including Shenzhen, Jining, Shanghai and other cities; the inventory fell the most obvious is Tianjin, the Beihai and Qingdao, as compared to March, respectively, reduction of 2.6 months, 2.2 months and 1.8 months.

According to the China Index Research Institute data show that the focus on monitoring the 35 cities, 21 cities stocks decline trend year on year, the year on year decline in Hefei, Suzhou and Nanjing were as high as 60.7%, 54.6% and 47.9%. These three cities current inventory is only three months or so (Hefei two months, two months in Nanjing, Suzhou three months), means that these areas barely enough to sell a new house for 2-3 months, obviously inventory is insufficient. In the case of tight inventory, housing prices will inevitably lead to mad rush, the rush to make the land premium rate is rising, increased frequency of birth of the king, while the back of skyrocketing land prices will fleece , prices soar synchronization, in the case of abnormal inventory tight, second-tier cities in the real estate market, what how crazy can it get?

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