Hot Second-Tier Cites See Home Sales Cool

The overheating second-tier cities are cooling and the activity is moving on to cities that lagged, such as Chengdu, where real estate policy remains supportive.

following Shenzhen and other north after cooling urban property transactions, Suzhou , Nanjing , Hangzhou, property transactions and other hot second-tier cities substantial cooling, but other non-hot property market in Chengdu second-tier cities continued to rise, so the stock sale area is further reduced.

...Yan Yuejin view, the cumulative increase in real estate sales data has narrowed and the current second-tier cities began to cool, for example, the more popular Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Tianjin and other cities have largely seen the market transactions fall, in part because demand was satiated among other related factors. There is no reason for a similar crash in other second-tier cities, Chengdu and other non-hot markets have seen transactions begin to rise, which for the entire real estate market transactions to maintain the heat still have a positive effect. On the other hand, if buyers expect buying restrictions in second-tier cities June may still be positive for hot second-tier cities.

Sale area of commercial housing and commercial point of view continued to decline, with third- and fourth-tier market situation related to the overall city better, but also reflects the destocking actively implement the strategy effectiveness. Yan made ​​the leap in to the inventory at the same time need to guard against the risk of rapidly rising house prices, in particular, similar Kunshan, Wuxi, Dongguan, Langfang and other cities surrounding the four-tier cities, destocking effect is good, but housing prices are more obvious. The destocking effect other Midwestern tier cities more obvious at the same time, prices rising trend is relatively mild.
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