How Long Can Land Prices Keep Rising

The amount of land bought by the top 50 developers through May 25: 388 billion yuan. Amount of corporate debt issued by developers through June 13: 482 billion yuan.
Those who scored high-profile developer to the king, no matter with what kind of background, the so-called "not bad money," the truth can not forget: conversion into flour bread, after all, is to sell out. Centaline recently released data show that as of May 25, this year's 50 large enterprises to take total amount of 388.7 billion yuan, the average cost of 6283 yuan / square meters, up 48.4% over last year. While another group of publicly available data show that since late April, the city's hot real estate sales volume in shock downstream. Compared with the March high turnover, many popular cities transaction size has dropped by 50%.
iFeng: “地王”能坚持多久 追涨的开发商能够成为幸免者吗

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