Land Prices Still Climbing in June

No wonder the MLR put out a call to rein in abnormal land sales. In the first three days of June there were 12 new "land kings" and turnover of 32.75 billion yuan.

Into June, the land market "fever" is not halted. Data Centaline Property Research report shows that only three days and six months ago, a second-tier cities there have been 12 "Lord", the total turnover reached 32.75 billion yuan.
Developers have money, or rather debt, to burn:
Housing prices almost "crazy" events behind the rush to have a kind of business logic? In this regard, CRIC CRIC studies suggest that the main reason for this phenomenon is that developers have "money."

CRIC CRIC, said the one hand, housing prices gradually relaxed financing environment, together with the previous rate cuts so that more low financing costs, companies take the opportunity to massive financing, cash widespread growth; on the other hand, with the property market pick up, "to stock" markedly, a substantial increase in housing prices in most of the sales data, prompting an increase of the amount of cash held by the housing prices more pronounced.
iFeng: 热点城市地王潮蔓延 对未来房价影响几何?

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