Li Keqiang Visits PBoC, Calls for Better Communication on RMB

WSJ: Stimulating: Chinese Premier’s Bank Visit Stirs Talk of Easing
Is China on the verge of a new round of monetary easing? To some, a recent visit by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to the country’s central bank and a big state-lender seemed to signal so.

Speculation that the central bank will reduce a required reserve level for banks amped up after Mr. Li turned up at the People’s Bank of China and China Construction Bank Corp. on Monday and called for for state financial institutions to support the real economy. He also told central bank officials to “keep reasonable liquidity” in the market and “to create a good financial environment” for economic growth.
U.S. jobless claims are putting the Fed back under pressure: US weekly jobless claims total 259,000 vs 270,000 estimate

Chinese coverage of Li's visit at iFeng: 李克强:央行应改善沟通 对汇率改革表示满意. Regarding the yuan:
"Practice in the past year, the RMB exchange rate reform has proved that our reform in terms of the purpose and results, is the renminbi exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level basically stable, rather than letting the yuan devalue and boosting exports. More importantly, the reform of the renminbi exchange rate changes rules should be more transparent, which can better communicate with the market."

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