SOE Reorganization Expected in 5 Industries

SASAC official further said that the next step will be the national pilot reform through mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring explore the central routing and integration of specific patterns, including exploring the implementation of post-restructuring business integration, the elimination of homogenization competition, and improving quality by effective practices effective, summarize how to carry out institutional, management, marketing, and cultural integration of work experience, practical synergies, and "1 + 1> 2", and explore effective practices in professional restructuring, reduce duplication of investment and in order to achieve homogenization of development; at the same time, explore effective practices within the enterprise resource integration.

One insider said the next three years, restructuring state-owned enterprises will enter the active phase-out cases will be significantly increased, equity participation, holding, merger and acquisition, will accelerate the sale of assets by integrating various forms of equity markets.

Restructuring is expected in nuclear power, aviation, shipping, military and rail.
iFeng: 央企重组方案将出台 五行业案例会明显增多

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