Central China Hit By Relentless Rain

In Wuhan, pedicab drivers asked for 50 yuan per trip to ferry passengers across the 2.5 meter, 8 foot deep water. 武汉三轮车摆渡被困市民 一人要价50元
Nanjing University of Science and Technology was flooded. 暴雨过后 南京理工大学变"奇幻森林"

Guardian: Flooding in China leaves more than 100 people dead or missing
Daily Mail: A soldier ‘fished’ from the water with nets, a baby born under torch light and even 100 ALLIGATORS on the loose: Chaotic scenes from China’s flooded cities

During the 2012 flooding in Beijing, netizens noticed the drain system at the Forbidden City, constructed during the Ming Dynasty, had no problems.

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