Italian Police Beat Chinese Illegal Immigrants Who Beat African Migrants Who Robbed Them

Chinese are not as tolerant of robbery as Europeans, and if the police don't step up and deal with robbers, the Chinese take matters into their own hands.

Telegraph: Police raid Italy's largest Chinatown to investigate attacks against Arab immigrants
Italian police are investigating the activities of a shadowy cultural association called “The City of the White Deer” and suspect that its members have been responsible for attacks on North African immigrants and Roma gypsies who they accuse of being responsible for thefts and burglaries.

...The head of the association allegedly organised “vigilante activity” against Arab immigrants and Roma people even though there was scant evidence that they had committed any crimes, police said.

Officers raided nine locations as part of the investigation into racially-motivated violence and criminal association, seizing iron bars and baseball bats.

Tensions have been high all week among the Chinese community, which is accused of showing little interest in integrating into Italian society.
Independent: Chinese 'White Stags' wage race war against Arab migrants in Tuscany town
Police in Italy have carried out raids on businesses owned by Chinese racketeers in the Tuscan town of Prato after member of a local cultural association carried out a series of racially motivated attacks against North Africans.

The raids took place in one of Italy's largest Chinese communities, part of a booming textiles industry that is notorious for sweatshop exploitation. All of the suspects arrested in the police swoop are believed to be connected to the Chinese cultural association "The City of the White Stag".

...According to official numbers Prato is home to some 16,000 Chinese nationals - the second largest Chinese community in Italy - however locals estimate the number to be closer to 50,000, almost a quarter of the town's entire population.

...Local Chinese leaders said they had requested Chinese diplomatic staff to intervene on their behalf. Spokesman Hong Lei said the embassy had spoken with Italian authorities to "enforce the law, carry out just investigations, and safeguard the security and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in Italy."
The obvious solution is for Italian police to crackdown on African migrants, but instead they do a racism merry-go-round where Chinese are allowed to be victimized and then get bashed when the defend themselves.

If Europe's leaders are trying to get the far-right nationalists into power, they are doing a good job.

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