Regulators Consider Capital Controls on Developers.

China Index Research Institute report shows that the first half of 2016, 300 cities nationwide total land transfer was 1.0818 trillion yuan, an increase of 34%. Among them, the residential land (including residential land and residential land covered by a comprehensive land) total transfer of 846.6 billion yuan, an increase of 53%.
Cities are taking various measures to control prices. One is to cap prices and then allow the winning bidders to compete in a run-off based on how much affordable housing they provide:
Insiders said that the land transaction overheated area, but also follow the example of previous experience in some areas have been implemented. For example, the announcement to sell the land starting price, the auction also announced price ceiling. After the auction exceeds the premium rate, stop bid to compete with the construction of affordable housing area or the protection of housing construction funds, with construction area up to the highest bidder or funding for the King was. The fundamental purpose of these initiatives is to allow the housing market to calm down.
Another possible method is raising the capital requirements on bidders, and another is to begin regulation of outside funding:
In addition, the Shanghai Central Plains real estate market analyst Lu Wenxi said that the officials have become more concerned about the land market, does not rule out regulatory action on developers' outside funding. So, market expectations will correspondingly fall, at least not maintain the current euphoria.

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