SWHY Chief Economist: Even City Center Home Prices Will Fall in Next 2-3 Years

A top story in the finance section at iFeng today.

Qianhai media recently interviewed Shenwan Hongyuan Securities chief economist Yang Chengzhang.

Qianhai Media: This year, a second-tier cities housing prices cause for concern, whether this can be maintained?

Young growth: In the long run, these second-tier cities is an inevitable trend of flat to down, has spread to three or four lines, but I think this effect will decrease.

We can see that in the second half, the entire national real estate market, housing prices have stabilized, the next two to three years, even the city center housing prices will drop slightly, which is a big trend.

iFeng: 学者:中心区房价两三年内将回落 这是大趋势

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