US UK Japan Launch Secret Currency War

Japan and the United Kingdom are easing, while the United States is now back in hawkish mode following a bounce in the stock market:
Since this week, there are three central bank around the corner. First Tuesday BOJ secret meeting Bernanke, the second loose an arrow already in the string. Followed by the Bank of England drawn the short straw, the fastest may start to cut interest rates on Thursday for the first time in seven years. The "opposition" camp Fed also re-exposed 'hawks' faces, the latest news, there are six local support Fed raised the discount rate.

Despite the recent market rebound, but some indicators have revealed dangerous atmosphere. On the one hand, US interest rates expected to rise, pushing up the dollar index; on the other hand, Japan will reopen the door loose, greatly boost the global stock markets. So there have been rare in the history of the US dollar and US stocks Qi Zhang a "spectacle."
The divergence in policy is reminiscent of early 2015:
This is reminiscent of the first half of 2015, global central banks that clearly divided the "currency war." Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen was on the job just over a year, is almost complete reduction of QE, the market has begun to point rate hike speculation. On the other hand, across the sea of ​​Japan and the European Central Bank, but had to use more lenient margin for the weak economy continue to inject stimulants. At that time there have been stocks and the dollar Qi Zhang.

The trend in the second half of 2015, especially the US rate hike, "big move" when the warm-up to the hit emerging markets, international investors believe that every fresh.
iFeng: 美日英齐出招!全球央行“暗战”今夏开打

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