Real Estate Speculators Head for Far Flung Locales

With real estate restrictions piling up, investors and speculators are searching far and wide for new markets. One of those is Qionghai in Hainan Province. Buyers from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area are driving up home prices looking for somewhere to invest, in some cases as much as 70 percent in the past three months.

And especially by the Northeast buyers Sanya is different, Qionghai City seems to attract more residents of the Beijing area. Wanquan River runs through the Qionghai urban areas, from the Beijing area buyers mainly "bet" is the Wanquan River along the several quarters. The local car driver told the Economic Observer that if the weather was fine, the inhabitants of the Wanquanhe Square dancing with the "Erhua" accent could not help him think of Beijing's Chaoyang Park.

10 minutes away from the Qionghai urban government outside the village, just three months time, Guantang village residents obviously feel that these Beijing visitors "generous" is pushing up the price here. In the urban area, along the Wanquan River new district - because there are hot springs and sea view, Qionghai city house price is much lower than the Kwun Tong, Boao area - from 5,000 yuan rose to 8,000 yuan, some investors in 2011 before and after the admission finally ushered in the shot of the time.

...The new cycle quickly activated the real estate market in Qionghai City, some core areas began to appear housing shortage situation: such as the urban area within the extension of the Wanquan River area and the city outside the Kwun Tong, Boao and other areas, this shortage Came some dramatic scene. March 27, Qionghai City Guantang area, a company named Wolong Valley commercial housing sales office, a buyer from Beijing to finalize a suite, turned out to dial a phone call. Ten seconds later, another buyer took out a bank card, to credit card to buy the same set of housing, which was perceived by the front buyers, there has been a small conflict.

The result of the conflict is: ring home buyers in Beijing made a victory, from the first foot into the sales office to pay to buy a house, only half an hour.

Sales staff to this conflict as an interesting story to the later buyers, to prove how popular their district. According to the plot sales staff of the statement, the district opened more than a month, more than 500 houses have been basically sold, in addition to the first floor has not yet sold, leaving only the second floor of less than 10 houses. At the end of 2016, the average price of this district is only 7,000 yuan, the current average price has more than 12,000 yuan.
The price differential is large enough that one Beijing buyer sold his house in Beijing and plans to buy 10 in Qionghai.

In response to the demand, local residents are becoming part-time real estate agents:
If you try to live in the city of Qionghai for some time, you will find that the real estate market is hot so that many residents of the city have a real estate agent this part-time identity.

As soon as you step out of the Qionghai Railway Station, you will be surrounded by a real estate salesman asking to sell you a house. When you ride in a taxi, almost every driver will tell the tourists that his relatives are real estate agents and will provide you with the contact details of the relatives. To join the housing sales force there are hotel attendants, newsstand boss, single tourists will have a cold and lonely feeling in this city.
Some of the buyers are winter birds who head for Hainan in October, but not all. Many of the new buyers are dubbed "migratory investors" who are parking money in a hot market before returning to second-tier cities. The market is expected to quiet down in April though, when the Beijing residents head back north for the summer.

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