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No charts for the close because I have no idea where the markets might go tomorrow. Giving it a charts tag thoguh, since if you use that tab to navigate the site (did you see the menu above?) this is what you're here for.

I closed my weekly XLE puts today, still have my $70 strike monthly puts. Still have YCL calls, MPWR, EWT, FCX and AAPL puts, along with the mining stuff. Rest is cash waiting to short, or maybe go long if it looks like there will be one last crazy run higher. The only long-term puts I have are Sept MPWR and October FCX, small Eurodollar call position for October, plus some "dead" GDX calls for Sept that I am looking to unload on the next miner spike. Everything else expires this month as I plan a portfolio overhaul for round 2 of the bear market.

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