Behind the Great Firewall; Global Warming Hoax Collapsing

Note: I'm behind the Great Firewall and posting will be sporadic until at least the end of the month. I will try to post some at the Chinese blog.

I've previously written posts such as Global warming conspiracy collapsing and Declining social mood dooms the authoritarian climate change agenda. Now we see even more evidence of the failure, this time from the NYTimes.

New York Times Dismantles Its Environment Desk
The New York Times will close its environment desk in the next few weeks and assign its seven reporters and two editors to other departments. The positions of environment editor and deputy environment editor are being eliminated. No decision has been made about the fate of the Green Blog, which is edited from the environment desk.

Here's the Google Trends for global warming. Unfortunately, many terms such as global cooling associate with global warming because people talk about them together when climate issues arise, such as skeptics referencing the global cooling fears of the 1970s. I tried as neutral a term as possible to get at the conter-trend taking place and I came up with solar output. The astrophysicists were generally more skeptical of global warming because they placed a greater role on the Sun. It appears they are right. As discussion of solar output grows (and the weak solar output associated with cooling), the global warming hoax collapses.

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