Single Shanghai Residents Get Fake Marriages to Buy Homes

In Shanghai, single city residents cannot buy homes unless they have a Shanghai residence permit. Even if the person has lived in Shanghai for years, pays taxes, pays into the Shanghai social security system, etc., they are still unable to buy. Solution: fake marriage.

外地单身男上海心酸买房故事:除非假结婚 否则买不了
Got up early in the morning, go Songjiang showings. Suburban Songjiang in Shanghai belong, representing Beijing's Fangshan. It is a newly opened real estate, hardcover small apartment, the average price per square 20000, total 1.5 million, they can be considered affordable range.

"Foreign singles can now buy it?" I tentatively asked. Despite showings last year, when we heard a single field of social security would not let even pay to buy a house, but still did not give up, that was just a temporary provision.

"No way." Back to the sales lady was emphatic. "Unless you fake marriages with people, and then buy finished off."

Over, this is over, but can not afford to buy it later. Last year always thought the policy will be adjusted, but now, not only the policy has not changed, but also the way prices soaring in the city last year, if you buy 50 square husband still enough room, now only enough to buy 30 flat.

Shanghai this purchase order is executed from the beginning of June last year. Showings late last year, when the agency hears mention a mouth, then did not seriously, but then I was too frustrating, to buy a house will delay things down. It has not been looked at on and off, chances are it always felt loose policy.

Recently decided to move, the landlord said the rent will go up, only to rekindle the desire to buy a house. Downtown also saw some 1.5 million is enough to buy a kind of a husband Muroto room prices this year has gone up a lot, Cheng Si can buy 40 square, shuffled around the pool area, kitchen and bathroom, bedroom at the most to set aside a bed and a small sofa, I was big, I feel Shengelanyao will hit flora, with the dwelling is no different.

In Songjiang, I told the sales lady tone almost pleading that you help me to ask, is there any other way. Go home at night to drink two stuffy wine, reliving a few years ago hit "dwelling", was weird smells.

Shanghai for childhood I was a godlike presence

In 2000, I also "dwelling" in the same algae from the field to Shanghai to study, look forward to in this China's most prosperous cities have a better future. I had to score, the provincial capital into the elite class more than enough, but in order to be able to come to Shanghai, still resolutely give up a lot of opportunities.

Shanghai is also the place my father was born. My grandfather played little mention of how he heard the shuttle in ten foreign market, and seen many major aspects of society, and later Mao Zedong's call to return home, he was obedient, the family and I came back, the result never go back. My dad brought this crop would upset very often talking about, but for your grandfather, your father can not face loess hard to force ha ha, that time is certainly the same as your relatives who live in Shanghai steak house myself.

For me, childhood, Shanghai is a god exists. There skyscrapers, enough to live comfortably. I once heard that Shanghai people are white handkerchief used to throw, I thought it was too generous, and later learned that it was a napkin. Childhood in rural nothing to eat, Shanghai relatives can come back with a block Lehe White Rabbit candies for several days.

The school is located wujiaochang area. Then wujiaochang still dusty urban fringe, much like it is today downtown, prices are ridiculously expensive so far, unlike today. Now the new Bay City flat in a new real estate forty away, then National Road, the kingdom's most expensive house on the road, but three thousand.

I learned in college is economic, but the prices are almost no sense. At that time, we have learned in the classroom is a Marxist political economics. Outside the classroom, we do not have to make money as a top priority in life, we talk about the most ideal and feelings. In the land of gold in Shanghai, and is a graduate of prestigious universities, afraid of the future do not own the land to settle down yet?

Because the working relationship after graduation went to Beijing, just graduated that would also save no less than any money, and later Beijing's housing prices have begun to rise a thousand miles. In 2010, six years after leaving, to return to Shanghai. The main point is close to home, then you can take care of my parents.

Previously bored all day at school, the real Shanghai did not have much personal experience. The back was finally able to see the charm of this international metropolis.

Probably find the second major cities in China like Shanghai convenient, safe and orderly speak. Middle of the night hungry, downstairs there is a convenience store, a taxi at the airport do not have to worry about someone jump the queue, there are numerous cafes waiting for you in a daze, supermarket goods cheaper than our country ......

Shanghai Please advocates a single opportunity to buy a house

I know the cost of living here is very high, even in recent years to catch up with Hong Kong and New York. Here is also the most expensive cities in housing prices in China. Scoop the Huangpu River house has more than a dozen case level. But for someone like me from the field to the working class, where you can still feel there is our place to go.

Parents older, the body is not good, with the latter Shanghai also has a place to stay. The house is not necessarily great, thirty or forty flat enough, or in the outer suburbs to buy a slightly larger, and now Shanghai rail transit so easy in the future to pay the mortgage , the next big deal little restaurant a few times.

The first few years of purchase, saying that foreigners can not buy a house in Shanghai, must pay social security over the past few years in Shanghai can. Was excited to hear this news for quite a while, do not think Shanghai this policy across the board, very accommodating. According to this provision, I have to buy a house qualifications.

After graduation so many years of hard work that has accumulated, plus a little bit of savings parents live frugally, barely enough to pay a down payment. Be looking at the house, there is no sign off on the policy, saying not to buy a single field, which is really unexpected.

Start listening agency said, you can spend a few hundred pieces to do a fake marriage certificate, generally do not check out, but there is a certain risk, if checked out, tens of thousands of deposit gone. Later, a search online and found that mess may also want to go to jail. Just because there is a field buddy do buy fake marriages in Shanghai, Pudong court also sentenced.

Then find a friend to do a really married, and then after finishing off. Finally say a relative move, the result was discovered, people have a set of rooms, and in theory you can buy the first two suites , but involve loans and interest rates go down, the verification property taxes , etc., the high cost giant, had to give up.

The occasion of nothing, with the Shanghai Housing Authority had thought people call complaints, why not buy a single field, we work in Shanghai, Shanghai to Shanghai on Social Security taxes also be regarded as contributing to the Shanghai people, this is not our discrimination? Internet and saw a lot of people have been questioned on this matter over the Housing Authority.

Housing Authority can reply are exactly the same, but the cold: For a single person to purchase, according to the municipal government office in 2012 on the 7th hereinafter provided, the city residence is currently only allows a single person purchase housing units.

The Housing Authority gives only one suggestion: to rent. Housing Authority said that not only can rent their own, meet the requirements, you can also apply for public rental . "The city has adopted various measures to focus on the development of public rental, an effective solution to youth workers, migrant workers in Shanghai to introduce talents and live stage difficult."

I learned from these official of talking like the answer was not clear that the rulers of the city a little bit of warmth, they can not see the introduction of this policy in the end what is the reason and logic.

If the limit is to buy a single foreign purchase, then is not to find someone fake marriage, and then divorce can do? Intermediary friend said, a lot of people doing this, it seems a lot of people running a fake divorce as two suites for trading.

Such a policy, even reasonable, but there is a little bit of humanity it? Marriage and divorce so solemn things in our sale of real estate, became a tool.

Some people would certainly say that if fake marriage or not, you really do not have to get married, to end sooner or later anyway. But I ask, I have a fixed lover, but it is not marriage advocates okay, do not licensing rights would not buy a house yet? I am a single doctrine okay, right if the person is no single lifetime to buy a house yet? I am a gay okay, Shanghai allowing homosexuals to marry, and if allowed to, do all homosexuals must live life to rent it?

I think that, unlike mainland Shanghai occlusive small town, everyone is only one way to get married, be tolerant to diversity of values ​​here is an international metropolis. People who live here, whether foreign or local, in the individual pursuit, already can have a wide range of choices.

Shanghai Municipal Housing Authority, said Shanghai has taken measures to focus on the development of public rental, addressing youth workers, as well as the introduction of talent to Shanghai workers staged living difficult. This stage is how long? Residence permit after five years you can buy it? If the time to tighten policy again how to do?

At that time the prices, I guess we can not afford a lifelong renters live, how a miserable. Maybe give priority to buy the right to marry the person nothing wrong, but also want to give advocates a single chance. Even slightly higher threshold, such must be at least 30 years of age, such as how many years must pay taxes or complete social security, at least people have to look forward to it.

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