U.S. Derides China's Sandcastles

US warns China over provocative ‘sandcastles’ in South China Sea
Recent satellite images suggest that China has made rapid progress in filling in land in contested territory in the Spratly Islands and in building an airstrip suitable for military use and that it may be planning another.

“As China seeks to make sovereign land out of sandcastles and redraw maritime boundaries, it is eroding regional trust and undermining investor confidence,” Blinken said on Wednesday.

“Its behavior threatens to set a new precedent, whereby larger countries are free to intimidate smaller ones, and that provokes tensions, instability and can even lead to conflict.”
China should invite the seasteading people to go live there. They'll have far more productive use of the land, foreign civilians on their soil and a stronger claim of sovereignty over the man made islands.

Is the Seasteading Dream Really Dead?

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