North Korea prepares for speedy opening of the economy

North Korea prepares for speedy opening of the economy
North Korea is planning an economic opening of the country to foreign investors. According to the FAZ, the communist country and with the advice of discreet German economists and lawyers. "There is a master plan," said a scientist involved in the deliberations of this newspaper. "They want the opening later this year."

Interest in the impoverished and isolated country shows especially in a modern investment legislation. For the opening, however, apparently does not copy the Chinese model primarily with special economic zones for foreign investors. "Rather, they are interested in the Vietnamese blueprint, where companies are specifically selected for investment," said the scientist, who teaches at a prestigious German university.
This is completely under the radar in the U.S., but the Chinese financial pages have had non-stop coverage of North Korea's opening. In fact, there are even North Korea concept stocks in China—companies that have some business or plan business in North Korea were a hot topic last autumn.

North Korea's opening will be a big story in 2013 and it also has major foreign policy implications. The future of America's role in East Asia will even come into question.

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