40 Ton Gold Mine Discovered in Henan

Large gold mine discovered in Henan province

From a Chinese article on the story, some details:
When integrated exploration project found it over the years, including Ash SONGXIAN integrate Ping gold exploration projects, the East Bay gold, seven acres trench gold, gold mill ditch, the ditch on the road back to lead, lead cut Longgang ore, lead and tile Lianghekou molybdenum eight prospecting. huaishuping gold scrutinizing field work has been completed to estimate the amount of resources over 30 tons, to large-scale, detailed investigation of the East Bay gold mine has been completed, the probe for the amount of 6.3 tons of gold resources, with an average grade of 3.24 g / t, to medium-scale projects based on the degree of control has been estimated that the mine may submit two metal content of nearly 40 tons of gold, is expected after the completion of the service life of the mine for 42 years.

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