Beijing Real Estate Agents Commence Phone Bombardment

Realtors are the same all over the world. Now is always the best time to buy! Aside from pressing this line, realtors are also bombarding contacts with phone calls, with people reportedly receiving as many as 20 calls a day. I can speak to this second hand, as this was a topic of conversation last week; everyone is getting calls and the start off with, "Are you looking to buy a house?" Luckily, I haven't used a realtor in some years and my number has since changed, otherwise I'd be getting hit like everyone else.

中介"最佳购房时机"刷屏朋友圈 电话轰炸1天20次
Second-hand housing market volume and price down, the most anxious is introducing broker. "Legal Evening News" reporter visited the secondary housing market has learned that brokers make all the stops Showmanship, different versions of the "best time to purchase" rhetoric scraper circle of friends, the rhetoric has become a lobbying "Dear John" and old customers to purchase the talk, customers one day was nearly over 20 phone intermediary "bombing."

More than 10 companies had been sealed volume will notice, waiting for the starting gun IPO, pre-disclosure soared 3.

Finding 1

"Best time to purchase" refresh circle of friends

"Significant reminder: According to the central ZF instructions, today (23 May 2014) the second and third tier cities in the purchase of the full range of release, is bound to be the next tier cities, prices precursor, prices have returned to the market regulator, the strong demand for first-tier cities, price increases are inevitable given sincerity customer market:! just need replacement in the first half has been suppressed for too long, shot in May and June is the best time for homeowners sincerity sell, the price this is a large space to talk about the 2014 final. a chance, as long as you want to buy, they can help you buy. sidelines customers continue to wait and see, wait for the second half of the price ...... "

Ms citizens recently discovered a different version of the "best time to purchase" essay refresh circle of friends. Ms Prior showings, plus her broker would approach the micro-channel, known as a high-quality listings first time to tell her that her friends have at least 10 intermediary brokers. Yesterday, one day, at least four people more than once to push a similar rhetoric circle of friends.

"There are high-quality housing and new policies are put into a circle of friends, a customer called to ask to see it." This morning, the reporter visited the identity of buyers intermediary stores, TuanJieHu near an intermediary stores charge while Chen To Micro Signal to reporters, while sales have to laugh at times introducing broker. The preparation of the "best time to purchase," according to the news essays are brokers themselves "hearsay evidence" fight, other brokers will see forwards, is an important means of attracting customers.

Say whether the information belongs to the self intermediary transfer rumors?

Intermediary self "best time to purchase" and other news spread, whether it is disinformation and pass rumors?

This morning, police reporter Xu Xicheng Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau to connect at the pre-trial, he told reporters, introducing broker sends a letter or false information in the micro-micro-Bo, even if not write your own, but forwarded the information, but also according to the forwarding number or Click to determine whether the amount of transfer rumors, according to the system log messages to determine the number of identification.

Finding 2

20-a-day phone bombing customers through

In addition to using a variety of rhetoric to push a friend out of the loop, the agency also used the phone to "bomb" the old customers, many people buy a house refer to "people crash."

Lee last year, Wangjing [ News Price apartment Review ] near showings, because the agency failed to net signed succeed reasons. After Lee and the intermediary "Dear John," "corpuscles" for some time.

Suddenly last week, Ms. Lee received the chain of home, I love my family, Century 21 Real Estate brokers and other intermediaries of different calls, text messages repeated "bombing", or even contact with an intermediary stores turns a different broker.

"No one was consulted before I called a broker, call regardless of the time of occasions." Lee told reporters that most of the time during business hours by calling the agency, up to a day received more than 20 calls.

Ms. Lee in literary work, most exaggerated when less than 200 words to write a paragraph they received at least three calls through an intermediary, "each received a phone call will interrupt the train of thought, but also to take calls from the new organizational language."

"Sometimes even received a phone call has been informed in a meeting the other car, intermediary broker will then ask the phone is not already open will finish? Parked the car?" Lee said.

Second-hand housing transactions cold intermediary "sharing" Customer Data

"Broker not before showings with me, I do not know where to find them from my phone, 22:00 more than all the rest, there is a call to ask me buying a room." Lee told reporters, each broker do not know, even if advised buyers Do not have contact, brokers not give up hope that her friend Lee recommended purchase.

Lee's phone so why are intermediary "leverage"?

This morning, the reporter visited a number of real estate agent , the boss Zhao told reporters that the personal relationships between the real estate agent broker communicate with customer contact is one of the "customer resource sharing" approach, which often seen in small intermediary.

The person in charge of a large intermediary stores Liu told reporters, brokers for the first time received counseling or showings customers generally follow up on their own time, at their own busy time will be referred to the same group of other brokers to follow up.

"If you think you are less likely to buy a house, but had consulted or read the room, there is willingness to buy, they will put your number thrown into the number pool." Liu told reporters that this number where the pool is open to all intermediary brokers, Many brokers by number pool for old customers' visit. "

In the current second-hand housing volume and price down, with a look at the rate of decline, the call to become an intermediary broker "major work."

Owner strong psychological level

This morning, the chain of home real estate market research Zhang Xu believes that the adjustment process in the current price, the houses offer relatively reasonable, narrow room for negotiation, after a period of decline in house prices, new listings also fall.

This suggests that the owners still strong psychological level, although the market downturn, but the owners do not break through the psychological bottom line blindly cut prices, but will appear choose the resale of mind. So from the sale price and the supply and demand point of view, will not appear continuous price decline. Text / reporter Yi Duo


Showings Phone


According to the chain of home real estate market research statistics, as of May 21, 4269 sets of second-hand housing transactions, the chain fell 9.5%, average turnover of 29,182 yuan / square meter, down 2.8%. Monthly turnover of units in April 7616, is expected to market the whole month of May 8000 sets of transactions is difficult to break.

360 Mobile Security Center released the "2014 first quarter mobile security status report" shows that interception within two months of 1457 the real estate agent phone complaints ranked first.

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