Buying Restrictions Working: Suzhou Prices Tumble, Shenzhen Buyers Disappear, Hangzhou Sales Drop

Suzhou buying restrictions worked over the October holiday.
Buyers moved to the sidelines in Shenzhen:
Seller's market turns into buyer's market overnight

An intermediary to Shenzhen Daily Economic News: Reporter indicates (Micro Signal nbdnews), October 1, 2, 3, have always been people come visit, but after October 4 new policy, many buyers began to wait and see. Itself has been on a good price-sensitive customers ready to sign the contract, but after the New Deal, changed its mind, do not buy. There are also customers after the new policy further strengthened the confidence to buy a house, but the homeowners worry about the future cost of selling, do not sell.
Daily sales in Hangzhou in October:
iFeng: 19城楼市调控后:多地成交量速冻 二手房买家解约

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