Boomtown: Yanjiao Home Prices Soar 60% in 2015

Yanjiao is a city in Hebei which borders Beijing's Tongzhou district. Many government offices will be relocated there in the coming years. According to the article, prices currently average 16,000 yuan/sqm, up from 10,000 yuan/sqm last year. Also, there have been more than 100 real estate projects since 2002; currently there are more than 20 under development.

Although Yanjiao only has a population of 700,000, that number has risen rapidly in recent years and population density is now double that of Beijing. Classrooms are overcrowded, with 70 to 80 students in one class; there was even the case of 800 students "sharing" one phys ed teacher.

iFeng: 燕郊深陷地产魔咒 房价一年跳涨6000元/平

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