Chinese Policymakers Spin the Wheel of Suffering

What's the solution for high home prices?

iFeng: 中央首次明确房地产长效机制五大手段
Prior to the December 9 meeting of the Politburo, "next year to speed up research to establish in line with national conditions, to adapt to the law of the real estate market stable and healthy development of long-term mechanism."

In addition, the Central Economic Work Conference also said that to implement the main responsibility of local governments, cities with rising home price pressure should reasonably increase in land supply, increase the proportion of residential land, revitalize the city idle and inefficient land use. Megacities to speed up to ease some of the city functions, promote the development of surrounding small and medium-sized cities. To speed up the housing leasing market legislation, speed up the institutionalization, large-scale leasing enterprise development. Strengthen the housing market supervision and rectification, standardize the development, sales, intermediary and other acts.

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