The Chosen Winners in the New 5-Yr Plan

Information technology industry: by 2020 the total output value of more than 12 trillion. Promote the integration of Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to various industries, expand the application of "Internet +" in the field of life and public services, implement the national data strategy, strengthen the information technology core industry, develop artificial intelligence, Economic management and so on. (Investment Opportunity: Promote the integration of triple play, further liberalize the competitive business in the basic telecommunication industry, relax the market access restriction of the integrated products and services, and promote the mixed ownership system of the state - owned telecom enterprises.

High-end manufacturing: strive to 2020, the output value of more than 12 trillion yuan. To create high-end brand of intelligent manufacturing, to achieve new breakthroughs in the aviation industry, bigger and stronger satellite and application industry, strengthen the leading position of rail transportation equipment, and enhance the international competitiveness of marine engineering equipment, improve the new material base support. (Special attention to the impact of high-speed rail technology on the regional economy: 500 kilometers per hour wheel and rail test trains, 600 km per hour maglev system and other new train research and development and industrialization, to promote 120-160 km per hour, seamless convergence with the urban rail transit ) Railway equipment)

Biological industry: By 2020, the scale of 8-10 trillion. The construction of new biomedical system to enhance the level of development of biomedical engineering to accelerate the development of bio-agricultural industrialization and promote the large-scale application of bio-manufacturing, biological services to cultivate new formats, innovative bio-energy development model.

Green low-carbon: the scale of output value in 2020 reached 10 trillion yuan. Scale application of new energy vehicles to promote the development of new energy industries, and vigorously develop efficient energy-saving industries, accelerate the development of advanced environmental protection industry, and further promote the recycling of resources. (Investment opportunities: to achieve the new energy vehicles in 2020 production and sales of more than 2 million, total sales of more than 5 million; nuclear power, wind power, solar energy, biomass and other energy consumption accounted for more than 8% of total industrial output value 1.5 trillion; wind power installed capacity of more than 210 million kilowatts; distributed photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic power plants, solar thermal power installed capacity reached 60 million kilowatts, 45 million kilowatts, 500 million kilowatts)

Digital creative areas: by 2020 the output value of related industries reached 8 trillion. Innovative digital culture and creative technology and equipment, rich digital cultural creative content and form, enhance the level of innovation and design, and promote the development of related industries such as integration.

...Build in the eastern part of world-class strategic emerging industries Cities around Beijing, Tianjin and joint development, strengthening of Beijing, Tianjin economic and technological talents linkage, forming radiating Bohai Sea region and the northern hinterland of the development of strategic emerging industries Development Community; play leading role in the Yangtze River Delta economic belt of the Yangtze River to Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Suzhou, Wuxi and other metropolitan area as a fulcrum to build entire areas blend chain group pattern of industrial development; to Guangzhou, Shenzhen as the core , to enhance the international competitiveness of the Pearl River Delta city group of strategic emerging industries, extend the industrial chain and service chain layout, promote regional economic restructuring and development; promote the Shandong Peninsula city focus on the development of biological medicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation of information technology, new materials and other industries and marine economy; around the major cities of Fuzhou, Xiamen , promote industrial development of the west side of the biological, marine, and other integrated circuits.

Relying on the industrial basis of the Midwest, and vigorously promote the Chengdu-Chongqing region, Wuhan metropolitan area, Xiangtan city group, urban agglomeration, the Guanzhong Plain City Group and other key areas of strategic development of new industries, and actively create conditions for industries to relocate to the eastern region; support Kunming, Guiyang and other urban development industries with comparative advantages, promote the economic belt of the Yangtze River region of industrial development.

Butt Silk Road economic belt construction, and promote the Tianshan Mountains, Lanzhou - Xining and other Northwest Urban Agglomeration development of special industries. Promote the northeastern region to develop robotics and intelligent equipment, optoelectronics, biomedicine and medical equipment, information services and other industries, Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin, Changchun, as a fulcrum to support the Northeast urban agglomerations create a leading strategic emerging industry clusters, drive Regional economic transformation and upgrading.
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