Land Ministry Says Wenzhou Property Rights Renew for Free

Global Times: Wenzhou releases interim measures on land tenure
Wang Guanghua, vice minister of the land and resources, said during a press conference that Wenzhou residents living in houses with a 20-year tenure don't need to specially apply for the extension when their tenure comes to an end. Rather, the tenure will extend automatically.

He also emphasized that no fee will be charged on extending residential land use rights.

The measures were announced after recent media reports highlighted the problem of the expiry of residential land use rights in Wenzhou.

According to Wang, the measures are temporary as the government is working on a formal law on improving the system of property rights protection.
iFeng: 国土部回应“温州房屋产权到期”:自动续期不收费

Back in April, Wenzhou sparked a mini-panic among Chinese homeowners and homebuyers. Some homes in Wenzhou have expiring land use rights and the local government considered charging as much as 50 percent of a home's value to extend the rights. While the issue is put to bed for the moment, the national government is still formulating a policy. A property tax would be the natural solution, but the launch date keeps moving farther into the future.

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