Chinese Developer Credit Growth Contracts in 2016

iFeng: 房地产融资降温显成效:地产开发贷负增长
21st century economic report combing the latest data and research found that the bank table development loan growth continued to decline in 2016, real estate development loans even 4.9% of the negative growth. Off-balance sheet financial funds transfusion real estate, then in reality encountered a "channel hard to find" and "non-standard amount of tension" problem.

...Central bank statistics show that by the end of 2016, real estate development loans 7.11 trillion yuan, up from the 6.47 trillion yuan at the end of 2015, increased by 9.9%, while total loan growth was 13.5%. Among them, the real estate development loan balance year on year also fell, down 4.9%.
It's not clear where the decrease comes in, although there are specific on foreign currency real estate development loans in Shanghai:
From the Shanghai data, the trend is also very obvious. Central Bank Shanghai headquarters statistics show that 2016 years, the Shanghai region and foreign currency real estate development loans decreased by 76.42 billion yuan, fell by 70.4 billion yuan yoy. Real estate development loans and housing development loans decreased by 41.77 billion yuan and 47.37 billion yuan, respectively, year on year decrease of 11.33 billion yuan and 42.06 billion yuan.

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