Americans Still in the Dark on Mass Immigration

There are two main reasons why I've predicted a major anti-immigration swing in Western politics. First is the social mood. Negative mood correlates with immigration bans and even expulsions, and given how low I expect this wave to go, mass deportations are well within the range of possibility. Immigration bans and extremely restrictive policies are highly likely.

The second reason was extremist establishment policies completely out of tune with social mood, along with widespread public ignorance given establishment narrative control. Right now, Denmark's move to restrict immigration and deport migrants is most in tune with social mood. In the U.S. and Germany, as two examples, the establishment is still pushing an extremist policy that would have been extreme in 2000. The current policies on mass migration are akin to supporting Hitler in 1947, and believing that 70% of the public supports Hitler because the major media reports it every day and runs polls such as "Who is worse, Satan or Hitler?"

Breitbart: Survey: Only 2-in-15 Americans Aware of Soaring Illegal Immigration to U.S.
The latest Harvard/Harris Poll reveals that when Americans are asked how many illegal aliens are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, only about 13 percent answer correctly. Meanwhile, about 76 percent of Americans believe illegal immigration levels are vastly lower than they actually are.

For example, there were nearly 100,000 border apprehensions in April, alone. This puts illegal immigration at the southern border on track to outpace every year of illegal immigration under former President Obama and take the U.S. back to Bush era levels. At current rates, experts project there to be 863,000 border apprehensions this Fiscal Year, though this only counts illegal aliens who are caught at the border and does not include those who successfully cross.

Since Fiscal Year 2010, the number of border crossers and illegal aliens apprehended trying to enter the U.S. has been anywhere between 300,000 to 500,000.
Mass migration is a very sticky issue because the migrants stay in the country until they are deported or voluntarily repatriate. When the public starts seeing the impact in their communities, they become angry and their anger will not subside until the migrants are removed. Now consider most Americans are way off on their estimates of the numbers of illegal aliens and this might be the peak of a economic expansion within a multi-decade depression. When they realize what has happened, they are going to be extremely angry with politicians who misled them, politicians who promoted open borders, and media that lied to them. And note that Denmark's immigration policies include identity politics, a cap on non-Western immigrants. America's establishment on the left and the right have sown the nation with identity politics landmines and they are going to explode simultaneously in the next negative wave.

One important sign of social mood is birth rates. WSJ: U.S. Births Fall to Lowest Rates Since 1980s
About 3.79 million babies were born in the U.S. in 2018, according to provisional data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics. That was a 2% decline from the previous year and marked the fourth year in a row that the number fell. The general fertility rate—the number of births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44—fell to 59.0, the lowest since the start of federal record-keeping.
Now consider that immigrants, legal an illegal, are well over 1 million per year and that a significant portion of U.S. births are to legal and illegal aliens. What percentage of U.S. population growth is foreign born? Democracy isn't simply "everyone votes." Sometimes people vote to exclude others from voting, such as when Czechs and Slovakians voted to split their nation.

The fault lines are already evident, but there's no existential battle yet because America is still a prosperous nation. When progressives realize things like Medicare for All are impossible because of mass migration, they will turn nationalist just like the Danes.

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