Huawei Isn't Run By Fools

Can't say the same for companies that are shocked and unprepared for a trade war, or the U.S. government which failed to secure alternative rare earth supplies even after China used them in a trade dispute with Japan.

Caixin: Blame U.S. Politicians, Not Companies, Huawei Founder Says, Dismissing Blind Nationalism
“It is wrong to say that purchasing Huawei’s products equals being patriotic … don’t link that with politics,” said Ren Zhengfei in a group interview in Shenzhen on Monday with multiple Chinese media, including Caixin. “At Huawei, we won’t resort to nationalism and populism, because that is harmful to our country,” he said.

Ren said the measure had “little meaning” to Huawei, and his company had anticipated future conflict with the U.S. and the company had been working on a backup plan to develop its own chips for many years. He said Huawei had long prepared for clashes with the U.S.

“We have sacrificed individuals and families only for the goal to stand at the top of the world,” Ren said, adding that with such a goal, conflict with the U.S. was “inevitable.”
The market is reacting to trade news now, but it hasn't accepted that the horse has left the barn. China will accelerate its homegrown technology now. Stock buybacks are coming to an end, capital investment and research is about to get a lot more expensive as labor costs soar and national security concerns start dominating decision making.

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