Mass Deportations Coming Soon: Danish Center-Left Ready to Expel Migrants

Almost a year ago, I posted Danish Left Splits Nationalist, Ends 25 Year-Old Agreement. An election is rolling around and the nationalist center-left party looks set to win big and it's willing to cooperate with "far right" parties. In fact, it's immigration policies are further right that many "far right" parties in Europe.

The Guardian: Mette Frederiksen: the anti-immigration left leader set to win power in Denmark
But the 41-year-old has all the momentum, with her left-of-centre bloc starting with an eight percentage point lead, and few doubting that she will become Denmark’s youngest-ever prime minister after the election on 5 June.
She's the one who broke with leftists in Denmark and dumped globalism for nationalism.
Denmark’s current right-wing coalition government last year enacted the most anti-immigration legislation in Danish history and, rather than position her party in stark opposition, Frederikson has embraced much of it.
Instead of trying to counter the right, however, it sounds like she's outflanked them by offering an even more nationalist agenda:
But it is the government policies her party has supported or failed to oppose which have been most alarming for her allies in the left-of-centre red bloc. The Social Democrats voted in favour of a law allowing jewellery to be stripped from refugees, and a burqa and niqab ban, and abstained rather than voted against a law on mandatory handshakes irrespective of religious sentiment at citizenship ceremonies, and a plan to house criminal asylum seekers on an island used for researching contagious animal diseases. In February, she backed what the DPP has branded a “paradigm shift” – a push to make repatriation, rather than integration, the goal of asylum policy.
While I expected repatriations, I didn't expect them this soon. This is only the beginning for Europe. After repatriation of migrants gets going, the infrastructure for repatriating Muslims and other unassimilated foreigners will be in place.

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