CASS Researcher Predicts Home Price Rise Will Abate in Q2; Langfang Prepares Buying Restrictions

Recently Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities have issued a purchase of credit limit New Deal caused concern, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 28, said the expert, first-tier cities housing prices skyrocketing prompted the government to introduce more stringent price control measures to control growth in demand will also promote the follow-up market sentiment. Expected in the second quarter, first-tier cities housing prices rose overall speed will slow down.

CASS Institute of Finance and Economics Strategy on the 28th held in the first quarter macroeconomic situation analysis. City hospital and Real Estate Economics Research assistant researcher Zoulin Hua at the seminar said that the current real estate market in the area of ​​clear differentiation, high inventory and the housing shortage coexist, suggesting housing "total demand" era has faded into the "structural surplus" era.

In the first quarter, favorable policies in the macro backdrop continues to raise the first-tier cities housing sales accelerated, rapidly rising house prices in some cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen or alarming. Zoulin Hua believes that this makes tier cities housing prices energy can be released in advance.

In addition, most second-tier cities housing prices also rose steadily, but three or four lines and the following cities are facing high housing inventory levels, aging population, difficult industrial restructuring, lower demand growth and other issues. Zoulin Hua believes that price stability is still the amount of walking tier cities in 2016 and below the main line. Since these cities the purchase cost of credit at historic lows, plus a variety of future government support and stimulus will have been introduced, prices will steadily short-term, but do not have the foundation to rise.

iFeng: 社科院专家:二季度一线城市房价增速将放缓

Langfang is expected to increase the minimum down payment on first homes to 30%, and to 60% for second homes. Also mentioned are population controls to limit the long-term demand for housing.
Regulation mainly includes two aspects: First, the full credit limit. For the first time apply for the purchase of housing households, commercial loans down payment of not less than 30%; to have a set of housing households, to improve the living conditions again apply for a commercial loan to purchase ordinary housing, the down payment ratio of not less than 60%.

Second, in the case of "north three counties' total population control, actively implement the points settled system.
iFeng: 消息称廊坊拟全面限贷 二套房首付比例不低于60%

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