Survey: Less Than One-Third of Chinese Want Second Child

As I've argued before, China's fertility rate will continue to fall as the country urbanizes because urbanization is nearly everywhere associated with lower fertility. Now there's a survey showing that while Chinese overwhelmingly want the one child policy abolished, most have no interest in having two children.

The survey was carried out in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan and Henan and had more than 10,000 respondents. By a rate of 93% to 7%, the respondents favored fully liberalizing policy.

Greatest support for liberalization was in the 36-40 age group; people with a professional background had the highest support, followed by civil servants, self-employed, foreign-funded enterprises, freelancers and so on; From the geographical point of view the economic level, for the full liberalization of Guangdong second child of the loudest voices in support reaches 95.3%, Henan, Sichuan followed. Economically developed cities such as Beijing, Shanghai is significantly lower, respectively, 89.1% and 85.1%.

37.4% of respondents would definitely not have a second child versus 29.7% who said they would. Rural respondents were only slightly more willing to have a second child at 35%. Those unwilling were slightly lower as well at 31.5%. Guangdong was the the highest urban area with 36.9% willing to have a second child, followed by Beijing.

SRI: 社评院:已生一孩群体明确想生二胎的占29.8%

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