Democrats: The best friends big business ever had

Republicans have a reputation as being in the pocket of Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc. Despite Democrat rhetoric, however, and stated desire to hamper big business, it is usually the Democrats that pass the most overtly pro big business legislation of two parties. Sometimes it's overt, such as when they desire to control an industry. Other times, it's just the outcome of their policies. I make no judgement as to whether they are liars or ignorant of basic economics, but here's the latest example:
The cost to protect Anadarko Petroleum Corp. debt from default rose to the highest in almost a year as federal legislation was introduced that would raise the potential liability for oil spills to $10 billion from $75 million.

The liability increase would be “a little bit more problematic” for smaller companies, said Guy Lebas, chief fixed-income strategist at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC.

“It’s a high exposure level,” Lebas said in an interview from Philadelphia.
An independent oil & gas producer woould go bankrupt if they suffer one accident under the new law. The result, if this legislation passes? Exxon, BP and the other oil giants will buy up these assets, since they can survive such a loss. Big oil will get bigger. Bonus points for the Dems, however, if they have Congressional hearings to try to block Anadarko or another company with extensive oil interests from selling themselves to the Chinese.

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