Negative social mood turning on TSA

The Transportation Safety Administration is turning into a target of negative social mood, for obvious reasons. Security checks once reserved for dangerous criminals is now standard procedure at America's airports, which makes many people feel as though the U.S. government considers its own citizens to be a high level threat. While the arguments against the Federal Reserve are slightly esoteric, anyone can see what is wrong with the TSA. The very widely read Drudge Report (9 billion hits this year through November) has turned up the volume.
The folks at Elliot Wave International have made a strong the case, as has Robert Prechter, that authoritarianism rises with negative social mood. In much of the world, this expresses itself as government control and strong leaders. Americans have a history of turning against their own government though. The American Revolution was quite authoritarian at the local level, but it's ultimate target was for liberty and against the British monarchy, and a large minority of Americans react very negatively to authoritarianism. As I argued about the Tea Parties, the organized will capture negative social mood. The Federal Reserve is already taking heat; look for the TSA to face a similar attack.

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