The play of the decade

Assuming that the next decade does not see the end of U.S. political, financial and/or military hegemony, plunging the world into a chaotic transition period, with or without economy destroying hyperinflation—that is to say, assuming the global economy grows with mildly positive inflation and rising resource prices—then this is the play of the decade. Or put it this way, if you are banking on some type of collapse, this is a good hedge because your investment in this country will probably grow at least 10 times over in the next decade.

If successful, this country will eventually become a buzzword as it transitions towards becoming the next Kuwait. Buying into the stock market is difficult, it only has a market cap of about $1 billion. Good news for small investors though—if you're willing to accept wide bid/ask spreads, it is relatively easy to invest in this market because capital is freely exchangeable. Whereas large investors have trouble in such a small market, a small investor could take a decent position. My sell signal for later in the decade is a country ETF, since the market capitalization and media coverage will have exploded by then.

If you don't search for news on this country, then you'll only bump into a story every few months, such as the following
The Biggest Tests for Mongolia Lie Ahead
Mongolia's enormous Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold complex is expected to start production in late 2012. As a result, the IMF forecasts 2013 gross-domestic-product growth of 28%, the fastest in the world, up from forecast increases of 7%-8% in 2011 and 2012. Foreign direct investment both in the mining industry and in infrastructure is expected to be many multiples of GDP of just $5 billion.

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