Germans reject united Europe

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CSU wants to banish debt of euro zone countries
In coping with the euro crisis is the CSU after SPIEGEL information on collision course with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). In a policy paper for a meeting of the Presidium of the party with European experts on Monday intends to CSU collect red lines for the euro rescue.

"A permanent and unlimited liability joint and transfer union would mean a pooling of financial policy and change the character of European countries associated decision," says the paper, the CSU General Secretary Alexander Dobrindt and Vice President of the Bavarian Parliament, Reinhold Bocklet, have written. Instead, calls for the CSU ", means an insolvency procedure for sovereigns and banks in the euro zone."

Debt notorious sinners are to leave the monetary union. "Is not a Member State willing to meet the convergence criteria permanently, there is the possibility of leaving the euro zone," it says in the paper.

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