Maritime disputes in China increase as social mood declines

The political economists will tell you that maritime disputes are increasing because China is a rising power and it is trying to make a space for itself in the Pacific. To that the socionomist will ask, "so why are the Chinese fighting each other?"
Blood in the Water
Since 2001, maritime disputes have led to 26 large-scale violent conflicts between local government forces. According to Sun Shuxian, a maritime law expert and co-author of Research on Sea Area Demarcation Policies, clashes on the sea have resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries.

The last four boundaries may soon be resolved if a new proposal by China's coastal regulator is accepted by the State Council in November. The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) is expected to submit a proposal on four major sea boundaries in the regions of Jiangsu-Shandong, Shanghai-Jiangsu, Shanghai-Zhejiang and Zhejiang-Fujian.

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